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For all Bal Mandir, Jodhpur friends

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Bal Mandir was a special place. It must have been because after thirty odd years, I can still recall and relish my memories of Bal Mandir days and friends; and I am sure others can too. From Bandhuji, Badi behenji, Shakuntala miss, Kamla behenji, Shanti bai and Sunita miss to Anuj, Nakul, Devendra, Ajay, Sandeep (Bhandari) , Yadav, Renu, Urmila, Rachna, Seema (Jain) Shashank, Sanjay (Agarwal), Jaijai, Vikas, Sandeep (Gadkari), Rekha (Jain), Anita, Piyush and many others in the batch from different classes, and those who were in classes ahead (e.g. Kajal, Prasad etc.) or behind (e.g. Sanjay Bhandari, Aarti Gadkari), have always remained in my thoughts. I am sure that all others will share my thoughts and sentiments. Those days at Bal Mandir are irreplaceable.

Many of Bal Mandir alumnus might still be in Jodhpur and I am sure that they have kept in touch with each other. It is those who have gone afar, like me, who miss those days and hold those memories preciously. All that mischief, naughtiness, fun, fights and make-ups, cricket, films, excursions, and most importantly school times are unforgettable. Many of the friendships have continued till date, and are cherished forever.

This site is my tribute to Bal Mandir as one of the greatest schools of all times – at least in Jodhpur – and an attempt to connect ALL Bal Mandir alumnus at any time, any batch, any year. It will be great to know what others are doing and how they have remained in touch with other friends. Hope, this network can grow into a valuable platform for reunion, advice and companionship for all of us. Let us rekindle the old spirit and friendship.

I desperately need old photographs, especially taken at Bal Mandir, group photos etc. to post on this site. Likewise, please pass on the word and help connect with as many people as you can, including past teachers. Also, your suggestions for improvement in the site are welcome.

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